Stop screaming at your kids. We'll do it for you.

Instead of standing next to your piano and continually asking your child, "What Note is This?", use this app. Now you and/or your child will be knowing what note this is. "What Note is This?" is the most fun way to learn basic note reading on the iPad for beginning musicians of all ages.

Learn notes in practice mode! Flick your way through endless flashcards of notes. A shadow note shows the note you played, and the lights on the piano turn green when you press the correct key.

Challenge yourself to a quiz! Take 10-note quizzes with fast-paced auto-card-flicking action! Lights turn red and green to show your accuracy.

Adaptable learning environment!
Need to focus on bass clef? No problem! Not ready for sharps and flats? Stick with the "beginner" mode. Big letters on the keys bothering you? Turn them off. They don’t mind.

Things to achieve! Collect stickers for your accomplishments! Can you identify 10 notes in less than 20 seconds? Can you identify every sharp and flat during a quiz? We’ll reward your tenacity with digital stickers.

For all ages! Easy enough for children, but even easier enough for adults. Spend 20 minutes a day with this app, and I guarantee you’ll have spent 20 minutes with this app.

Much, much more - wait, no, that’s about it.Have a suggestion or question? Shoot us an email. If you have a great idea, we might just throw it in later. For the kids.