Building a Booth on a BudgetNovember 19, 2014Last month, we attended the Ohio Game Developers Expo in Columbus, Ohio to show off an early demo of our game “Octile Takeover.” This was an incredible experience for us, and it was one of the few conventions we could afford without begging for money. Here’s what we did to keep our costs under control and still have a great booth ... read more →I Want to Make Games (and why I was the only 8th grader that believed in Santa)December 20, 2012 I've wanted to make games forever. One Christmas, about 25 years ago, we stayed at my cousins' house in Texas. We awoke to hearing sleigh bells in the middle of the night, and we all saw Santa delivering presents. And yes, that led me to believe in Santa far longer than my peers. But, the real magic for me was on Christmas Day, when my cousins r... read more →30songs30days Song #30: Are You Wearing Pants?June 12, 2012And now, we've come to our final song. We wrote 30 songs in 30 days with VCVCBC. We believe VCVCBC is the easiest way to get the song out of your head and into your iPad, and we hope you'll try it too. Today, we're going out with a bang with a music video for our last song "Are You Wearing Pants?" There's nothing I can really say, except... read more →30songs30days Song #29: Advice For My DaughterJune 12, 2012When you're done with a song in VCVCBC, it's easy to export as a PDF for your band or to share with a friend. The full screen mode of VCVCBC is perfect for performing it live with a piano or guitar. Today's song is a very emotional song for my daughter...when she gets stuck on a video game. May contain spoilers (if you haven't played a game since ... read more →30songs30days Song #28: With YouJune 10, 2012VCVCBC is for everyone. Whether you would call yourself a songwriter or not, whether you know a thing about music or not. If you've got a song in you, VCVCBC is the easiest way to get it out. My dad has been writing songs longer than I've been alive. Today, he generously shares a new song he wrote using the app, "With You." Thanks, Dad! ... read more →30songs30days Song #27: Not The 1June 9, 2012VCVCBC is perfect for jotting down all of your genius, and even for keeping those that may or may not be great someday. Today is one of those times...  ... read more →30songs30days Song #26: Given UpJune 8, 2012You know one of the great things about VCVCBC being on iPad? It's on iPad. It's all touch, all the time. It's mobile. You know what that means? I can write a song when I arrive at a meeting half an hour early. That's what I did today. Enjoy!  ... read more →30songs30days Song #25: Glad It's SummertimeJune 7, 2012No matter what the mood, no matter what the idea, VCVCBC is there for you. Start from anywhere – a beat, a melody, a chord progression or, of course, a lyric. Then, bring it all together in a full chord chart! Today, we were feeling good. And, it's summer. No, not technically, but it's after Memorial Day. That counts, right? Pools are open. ... read more →30songs30days Song #24: Regrets of the PastJune 6, 2012Arranging a song in VCVCBC is easy. Keep adding sections, moving them around, and renaming them to your heart's content. Rearranging your life isn't always so easy. Today's song explores the regrets of one man, so that he can encourage another to avoid his mistakes.  ... read more →30songs30days Song #23: Shopping ListJune 5, 2012Did you know that VCVCBC is not ideally suited for shopping lists? We didn't. We put our shopping list into it, made sure it rhymed, and turned it into a song. Perfect for remembering exactly what you need from the store, right?  ... read more →30songs30days Song #22: On My WayJune 4, 2012Did you know that VCVCBC has a full song arrange mode, where you can drag song lines around, duplicate lines and sections, and even tweet your favorite lines? Today we return to a more traditional format with "On My Way." Watch it below:  ... read more →30songs30days Song #21: Happy TownJune 3, 2012While most songwriters stick with chord charts, or at least a sheet of lyrics, VCVCBC is flexible enough for songs without words. There have been times when I'd jump right into arranging and orchestration while working on an instrumental piece, but that runs the risk of sounding like a jumbled mess. I prefer to start with a solid theme or two aroun... read more →30songs30days Song #20: Mark Van GreenoJune 2, 2012Rhyming Dictionaries are awesome, and VCVCBC has one. Perfect for rap, hip-hop and everything else, really. Today's song is all about Mark Van Greeno, obviously. What? You haven't heard of him? Watch these exclusive videos now: And here's the theme song we just whipped up today, featuring Mat Thornburg as Mark Van Greeno! Ready to join the... read more →30songs30days Song #19: Through the NeighborhoodJune 1, 2012Whether you like to write country, pop, rock, metal, or children's music, VCVCBC is flexible enough to handle it. Today, we're balancing out the past couple dark days with a happy children's song about the rules to follow when you're walking... "Through the Neighborhood."  ... read more →30songs30days Song #18: Happy Ever AfterMay 31, 2012"Ben! Grab the iPad!" Delayne had some words in her head she had to get out while cooking dinner. I typed them in furiously as she worked them out quickly. That's why VCVCBC works so well with the iPad – it's mobile, but it has a large enough screen to work with a full song. We continue down our dark path today with a song called ... read more →30songs30days Song #17: RainMay 30, 2012Sometimes you know exactly what chords you want to use. Sometimes you need some help. VCVCBC includes over 20 common chord sets to help find something that has been proven to work in one style or another. Once you've picked a set and a key, you can still tweak the chords to whatever you want – or, just use your own chords! VCVCBC is flexible.... read more →30songs30days Song #16: Second ChanceMay 29, 2012Did you know that VCVCBC allows you to create chord charts? A chord chart is what most bands use to improvise a song, based on words and chord letters above the lyrics. This provides a roadmap of the song, without locking you into a specific notated arrangement, so that each musician can develop their own part. VCVCBC allows you to do this by ... read more →30songs30days Song #15: Artist Within MeMay 28, 2012We're halfway there! Today's song was inspired by the "Get Inspired" feature of VCVCBC. When you don't know what you want to write, you can tap the "Get Inspired" button to generate a random quote or saying. Very handy for a quick songwriting exercise. I think it turned out pretty well. Get VCVCBC and try it yourself!  ... read more →30songs30days Song #14: Ode to IkeaMay 27, 2012VCVCBC has a very handy rhyming dictionary in the lyrics mode, which helped us write today's song. We went to Ikea today, and it's an inspiring place. So, we wrote a song about it. Enjoy!  ... read more →30songs30days Song #13: Pieces Just Don't FitMay 26, 2012Today's song was actually requested for an Autism Speaks event. Though I'd never claim to be fully autistic, I was once diagnosed with Asperger's Disease. The symbol for autism is a puzzle piece, and this song is about sometimes missing those "middle pieces" that everyone takes for granted – like being able to tie your shoes or have... read more →30songs30days Song #12: Let Me FlyMay 25, 2012When I sit down at the piano, I fall into my familiar patterns. I find a key I like (usually something guitar-friendly, like E or G) and I play my typical chord progressions. I let my skill determine the songs that I write. The same is true for guitarists – what if you only know 3 chords in G major? You can write some great songs that way &nd... read more →30songs30days Song #11: Love Will CarryMay 24, 2012Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the right melody. Today's song is the product of several different attempts to put some music to my wife's beautiful words. With VCVCBC, I was able to store the different versions in the margin until I decided on the one I wanted to stick with. Even though the app is called VCVCBC (which stands for verse-choru... read more →30songs30days Song #10: Beat of LoveMay 23, 2012VCVCBC couldn't have existed 30 years ago. Songwriting tools and methods have existed forever, but now there's no barrier between your head and your song. No need for pencils, notation or an instrument. It's all in one songwriting app – VCVCBC. So, what did exist 30 years ago? 80s pop music. For today's song, I wear my sunglasses at night an... read more →30songs30days Song #9: Wear My RingMay 22, 2012The chords part of VCVCBC is my favorite – it's like a virtual guitar where you can play with endless chord combinations. You don't need to know anything about finger positions or chord progressions. Just pick a set of chords and go. Most songs only use a handful of different chords, but it's nice to know you can try anything you want. Angel... read more →30songs30days Song #8: Let's Go to the ZooMay 21, 2012VCVCBC is simple enough for an 8-year-old to use. Today's song was written by our eldest daughter (along with a choreographed dance!). If you're a zoo looking for a theme song, contact us and we'll get you in touch with Danielle's agent.  ... read more →30songs30days Song #7: Saturday AfternoonMay 20, 2012It's a good feeling when an app goes from a piece of software that has to be developed and debugged into a crazy useful tool. VCVCBC is helping me to write songs in a way that pencil and paper never could, and I'm excited about what you and so many others will be able to do with it. Today's song is a folksy view into our family's average Saturday ... read more →30songs30days Song #6: Epic ThemeMay 19, 2012Most songwriters probably start with lyrics, but there are plenty of times when you've got a great melody all by itself. For today's song, I threw the melody into VCVCBC and dragged some chords into a song. Here's how it works: You start with the melody in your head, and find the first note on the melody keyboard. That was the root of the key I wa... read more →30songs30days Song #5: Strings of LettersMay 18, 2012Did you know you can just grab a set of chords and then drag them over your words in VCVCBC? No more tapping the space bar! Not only that, but you can play through your song live with the built-in guitar and change your chords on the fly. It's intuitive songwriting that helps you write with or without your instrument. My mother-in-law is a phenome... read more →30songs30days Song #4: Don't Leave Your Shoes On The StairsMay 17, 2012Any song that's in your head, no matter what style it may be, VCVCBC can help you sketch it down and take it into the studio. Today, we started with a rhythm to do a Yo Gabba Gabba-inspired song, "Don't Leave Your Shoes On The Stairs!" It's a very important message for children everywhere! Featuring Danielle & Anna as their way too a... read more →30songs30days Song #3: More Than AmazingMay 16, 2012Now VCVCBC is not a music PRODUCTION tool. There are plenty of great tools to make a great-sounding song on your iPad. Instead, VCVCBC helps you get the song itself together before heading into the studio. It's easy to forget what you meant to do with the rhythm and melody after trying out 100 different patches and listening to a 4-bar loop for an ... read more →30songs30days Song #2: Battle of DeforestationMay 15, 2012Just because the app is called VCVCBC doesn't mean you need to stick to a traditional pop song format. Today, we did some musical theater. Here's the backstory: The Rabbit-ear (sounds like "rabbiteer") is a superhero. As a baby, he was dropped off to a family of bunnies in an Easter basket. Raised by bunnies, his powers are awesome eyesig... read more →30songs30days Song #1: Song in Each of UsMay 14, 2012We've said that VCVCBC is the "easiest way to get the song out of your head and into your iPad." Now it's time to put our money where our mouth is. Okay, maybe not our money, but our time – we're going to attempt to write 30 different songs in 30 days, starting today. The only requirement is that we will use VCVCBC to write the son... read more →Two Years AgoMay 10, 2012On the day that the iPad was announced, Delayne & I were on a rare date night to Red Lobster. An Apple fanatic, I was dreaming up ideas of what someone might be able to do with it. I don't remember everything we came up with, but one of the ideas was a songwriting tool – something that could help anyone organize their ideas and turn them ... read more →