May 19, 201230songs30days Song #6: Epic Themeby Ben

Most songwriters probably start with lyrics, but there are plenty of times when you've got a great melody all by itself. For today's song, I threw the melody into VCVCBC and dragged some chords into a song. Here's how it works:

You start with the melody in your head, and find the first note on the melody keyboard. That was the root of the key I wanted, so I tapped on the key button, and then the "Last Note Played" button to set the key to E. From there, I knew that it was a minor key, so I tapped the scale button and highlighted the minor scale in the key of E. I could have done this using a piano, but it's much easier to set it without thinking about keys or positions. As long as you can match the pitch in your head, you can get your melody into VCVCBC.

It's easy to lose your melody when writing something orchestral – you might get distracted with the handwritten notation or notation software. That's why it's great to use VCVCBC as your melodic sketchpad, so you can always refer back to it while you're doing the orchestration.

I love film scores, so I thought I'd try something different (yet again) for today's song: "Epic Theme."


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