May 16, 201230songs30days Song #3: More Than Amazingby Ben

Now VCVCBC is not a music PRODUCTION tool. There are plenty of great tools to make a great-sounding song on your iPad. Instead, VCVCBC helps you get the song itself together before heading into the studio. It's easy to forget what you meant to do with the rhythm and melody after trying out 100 different patches and listening to a 4-bar loop for an hour. When you forget what the soul of the song was meant to be, you can refer back to your original sketch on VCVCBC and not lose your song in the studio.

Sticking to our ADD, today we wrote a worship song...and I performed it in a Strong Bad T-Shirt. Very spiritual. Oh, yes.

The backing track was thrown together after the children were put to bed. Too ambitious? You decide!

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