May 15, 201230songs30days Song #2: Battle of Deforestationby Ben

Just because the app is called VCVCBC doesn't mean you need to stick to a traditional pop song format. Today, we did some musical theater. Here's the backstory:

The Rabbit-ear (sounds like "rabbiteer") is a superhero. As a baby, he was dropped off to a family of bunnies in an Easter basket. Raised by bunnies, his powers are awesome eyesight, extra strong teeth, and he can jump slightly farther than some humans.

His alter-ego, Warren Burrows, runs a small landscaping business. His nemesis is "The Farmer," who runs a huge, corporate lanscaping company that is destroying the homes of Warren's bunny friends.

In this episode, our dastartly villian is at it again – and Bunny Hop is in trouble! Will the Rabbit-ear triumph? Will Bunny live to see another meadow? Let's find out!

Features Angela Mason as the Rabbit-ear! Surprisingly (sadly?), no drinking was involved in making this song...


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