May 25, 201230songs30days Song #12: Let Me Flyby Ben

When I sit down at the piano, I fall into my familiar patterns. I find a key I like (usually something guitar-friendly, like E or G) and I play my typical chord progressions. I let my skill determine the songs that I write. The same is true for guitarists – what if you only know 3 chords in G major? You can write some great songs that way – Barenaked Ladies has proven that – but you're limiting the song inside of you by what you're able to play.

That's why VCVCBC is so powerful. I had the chorus to "Let Me Fly" going through my head, and found that it was in Bb minor – a key I never would have started with from the keyboard. I threw the full chorus into the app in less than 5 minutes, complete with chords and a sketch to remind me what the melody was. Then, Delayne & I sat on the couch and wrote the rest of the song in another 15 minutes. Most songwriting sessions I've been a part of last for hours, not minutes – and they're completely driven by the playing skills of those involved.

With VCVCBC, you're free from those constraints. Get your song out first, and then worry about learning how to play it.


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