May 23, 201230songs30days Song #10: Beat of Loveby Ben

VCVCBC couldn't have existed 30 years ago. Songwriting tools and methods have existed forever, but now there's no barrier between your head and your song. No need for pencils, notation or an instrument. It's all in one songwriting app – VCVCBC.

So, what did exist 30 years ago? 80s pop music. For today's song, I wear my sunglasses at night and perform a very 80s song, "Beat of Love."

Remember, VCVCBC is not a production app. We wrote the chords & lyrics in VCVCBC, with some sketches of what we thought the melody & rhythm should be inside the app. Then, we took the chord chart + sketches from VCVCBC into Propellerheads' Reason and Apple's Logic to do the actual production.


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